23.07.16 - West Yorkshire

Bride and Groom


Mick 'Micky' Harris

Father of the bride

Best known for: Bargains

Bio: True Yorkshireman Mick loves nothing more than finding a good bargain and letting all the family know about it. The family are slightly concerned that now he’s retired, however, things might get out of hand and they’ll one day flick on the TV and see him crop up on popular TV show ‘Bargain Hunt’.


June Harris

Mother of the bride

Best known for: Yorkshire puddings

Bio: Behind every great Yorkshireman, there’s a great Yorkshirewoman. Corrie fan June is the undisputed Yorkshire Pudding Making Champion of the Galaxy. Never wash that pudding tin!


John Scarth

Father of the groom

Best known for: Being addicted to golf

Bio: Currently residing in Colombo, Sri Lanka with his wife Irene, John is currently battling his golf addiction. All attempts at rehab have failed - it’s in the hands of the golf gods. If he even mentions golf to you, back away slowly whilst feigning interest.


Joanne Saunders

Mother of the groom

Best known for: Arriving early

Bio: Joanne went missing in early 2016, only to be found sometime late January in a tent outside our wedding venue - The Holy Spirit Church in Heckmondwike. Best to play it safe and beat the traffic.

The Bridesmaids


Dawn Harris

Maid of Honour

Best known for: Being responsible for Lyndsay’s eclectic fashion sense.

Bio: As an adolescent, Dawn – along with middle sibling Neil - used to believe Lynds was her own personal mannequin and backing dancer. She dressed her up in outrageous 80s attire and brainwashed her into believing that Michael Jackson, Kylie and Madonna were the only people to base all fashion decisions upon. Years later, Lynds is still battling to overcome this unfortunate period.


Tina Murphy


Knows Lyndsay from: School
Best known for: Banking

Bio: A little known fact about Tina is that despite still being at university she was personally responsible for the global financial crash in 2008. She’s subsequently left the banking sector, but has been trying to cover it up ever since.




Knows Lyndsay from: School and choir
Best known for: Creating

Bio: Arts and crafts fanatic Roseanna is the most creative of the bunch. She has a quite incredible talent for turning bland walls into masterpieces using only black sugar paper. She’s been known to get carried away, however, and once spent a month decorating a single fingernail.


Lia Galvin


Knows Lyndsay from: School
Best known for: Having the longest hair

Bio: Bizarrely, and for reasons still unknown to science, Lia has a rare condition in which she is consumed by the desire to have longer hair than anyone else. Hopefully with all the distractions on the big day it won’t be too much of an issue – but if you’ve got longish hair, best to bring a scrunchie.




Knows Lyndsay from: School
Best known for: Being black and white’s biggest fan

Bio: Charlotte’s timeless elegance is largely down to the fact that she strictly only wears black or white and on very special occasions - grey. She’s fuming about her bridesmaid dress but doing a great job of holding it together. Cheers Charlotte.


Jen Bayne


Knows Lyndsay from: Uni
Best known for: Her love of scotch eggs

Bio: Scottish to the core, Jen is the UK’s leading authority on scotch eggs. She led an early campaign to have a large scotch egg at the wedding in place of a cake that was, not without a degree of regret by all, stifled.

The Groomsmen



Best man

Knows Ollie from: Uni
Best known for: Taking a day off work specifically to set up a separate bank account just in case he lost his debit card.

Bio: Pictured here wearing swimming goggles to cut up onions, Ed was recently crowned ‘The World’s Most Sensible Man’ for the 8th year in a row. His self-imposed main responsibility on the big day will be making sure that the fun stays frugal. Good luck.


Alex Hess

Best Man

Knows Ollie from: Uni
Best known for: His unrivalled love of Speedos.

Bio: Exhibitionist and Speedo fan Alex Hess' main ambition in life is to attract as much attention as humanly possible at all times. Chatty and approachable, Alex is a social butterfly and top mingler...


Tom Eagar

Best Man

Knows Ollie from: Uni
Best known for: Being a lanky, ginger oaf.

Bio: Proudly oafish man Tom Eagar considers the day a success if he manages not to break anything or simply remain vertical. It's advised to keep at least 5 feet away from him where possible - stray nearer at your peril.



Best Man

Knows Ollie from: School
Best known for: Living in Slough

Bio: For reasons that no one can fathom, Dom lives in Slough. A hot contender for World's Most Sensible Man 2016, Dom also keeps all of his 40 pairs of shoes stacked in a cupboard in their original boxes stuffed with toilet paper to 'prevent unwanted dampness'. He's a great conversationalist.


Matt Scarth-Saunders

Best Man

Best known for: Having a wood turning lathe

Bio: Reluctant hipster Matt ordinarily sports an enormous beard and has a shed with a lathe in it that churns out small, overpriced honey dippers and Christmas decorations. No one has ever so vehemently denied being a hipster whilst simultaneously doing everything in their power to be one.

The Flower Girls


Katie Harris

Flower girl

Best known for: Her cheeky face

Bio: As youngest and cutest of the Harris clan at the age of 2, Katie won’t really have a clue what’s going on, but is sure to be having a good time none the less.


Amy Harris

Flower girl

Best known for: Being a fantastic storyteller

Bio: Everyone knows a good story is only a good story with a little embellishment and this is where Amy shines. With expert comic timing she’s as good as any Shakespearean bard and her improv skills are something to behold...especially when caught out doing something she wasn’t supposed to be.


Megan Harris

Flower girl

Best known for: Being wise beyond her years

Bio: As the most grown up Year 3 girl in the country, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you were talking to the Head of Particle Physics at Cambridge, rather than an 8-year-old girl from Mansfield when chatting to Megan. Don’t try to outsmart her – resistance is futile. We’re lucky that she’s reading Harry Potter so that we can finally get on the same level.