23.07.16 - West Yorkshire

reception venue

Join us on July 23rd from 10am


Arrive at church, take a perch.


Excited talk, Aisle walk,
giving rings, singing things,
big ol’ kiss: lovin’ this.

11.30am - 12pm

Down the aisle, lots of style,
Throw confetti, don’t get sweaty,
Insta-fix: take some pics,
Jump in’t bus, no point in fuss.

12pm - 1pm (ish)

Enjoy the ride, look outside.
Bottle o’ Proseccs: down yer necks.

1pm (ish)

Canapes, sun rays,
Tasty drinks, sobriety shrinks,
Tug-o-war, fall on’t floor,
Camera clicks: group pics.

2.30pm - 2.45pm

Follow the bride and head inside,
Find your seat, send a tweet,
Natter natter, chatter chatter.


Glass chime: speech time!
Tinkling toasts, best men roasts,
Lots of laughs, it’ll go fast.

3.15pm (ish)

Open wine: it’s dinner time!
Yummy food, beer that’s brewed,
Jackets off, scoff, scoff, scoff.

5.30pm (ish)

Bit of time, to unwind,
Do what you will, it’s all a thrill:
Slouch about, do nout,
Head t’ut bar, have a jar,
Dance about, or scream and shout!

6.30pm onwards

Stomachs lined – it’s party time!
Music on, no denouement,
Conga lines, happy times,
Too much dancing, lots of prancing!

reception venue


Service: The Church of the Holy Spirit, 18 Cemetery Road, Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire, WF16 9EB

Reception: East Riddlesden Hall, Bradford Road, Riddlesden, Keighley, West Yorkshire, BD20 5EL.

Transport to Reception

We are providing transport for everyone from the service to the reception in the form of some very fun vintage buses.

Fun Fact: One of the buses coincidentally has ‘Blackheath’ as its destination which is where we live in London.

Food and Drinks

We will be providing an array of tasty food and drinks throughout the day beginning with a little bottle of bubbly for the bus, followed by canapes and welcoming drinks at the reception and rounded off by Prosecco for the toasts. There will be a three course dinner from tasty hog roast specialists The Hog and Apple, with a half a bottle of wine per person. After that there will be a cash bar serving all the big names. Please let us know when you RSVP if you're a vegetarian or have any dietary requirements.

service venue